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Fight the POTUS

by Dave McElhaney

Remember the Spike Lee film Do the Right Thing? Hard to believe that it debuted nearly thirty years ago. One of the characters of that film was Radio Raheem portrayed by the late Bill Nunn, who in my opinion, played it to a hilt. He played a fated character who was big, tough and surly, but deep down a decent guy.

Radio Rayheem got his first name “Radio” because he carried around a giant boom box radio which constantly plays “Fight the Power.” And when this burly African American first walks into Sal Famous Pizzeria, wearing t-shirt which says Bed Stuy and “Fight the Power” is the song still blasting on his radio. He takes it to the counter with him and says “two slices.” Sal played by Danny Aiello, yells back. “No service till you turn that shit off.” Raheem gets angry “Two slices,” he says again, with his eyes glaring and sweat on his forehead.

“I can’t hear myself think,” Sal yells. “You’re disturbing my customers.” Raheem complies and turns off his radio. “Two slices,” he says again. Then he says. “Put some more mutha f-ing moohzarella on there and shit.”

The big pizzeria owner puts his hands on his hips, “Extra cheese is two dollars,” he says. And we think to ourselves, that’s a bit much for extra cheese, especially in the Bed Stuy hood of 1989.

Now regardless of whether or not you think Spike Lee’s Mookie did the right thing, I think that movie is a classic. But let’s go back to 1989 and see what Donald Trump was up to, because that’s about the time we began to hear about him on a national level. There’s a picture with Donald Trump standing alongside Don King, Mike Tyson and others in front of his Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. Trump can be seen around that time posing in photos with other famous black athletes, artists and politicians such as Kareem Abduhl Jabbar, Michael Jackson and even Jesse Jackson and Rosa Parks. In fact, there’s even a picture of him with Rosa Parks, Muhammed Ali, and others receiving the Ellis Island award.

Okay when did this President become so racist? The way I see it he’s always been an opportunist and a user. Back then it was about getting himself associated with famous minorities to appear to be patriotic, tolerant and classy. But we know differently now. So much so that one could imagine that Radio Raheem’s boom box might be playing a song called, “Fight the Potus” instead of “Fight the Power.”

But just how do we fight the Potus? Well, we can’t do it like Mookie did to Sal Pizzeria by throwing a chair through the window of Trump Tower. And I can’t do it by arguing with Trump supporters at a certain donut shop, because he’s doing the things to please them and his base of support.

But a curious thing I’ve noticed about Trump supporters is instead of saying how great Trump is, they go on the attack. They’re still attacking Hillary‑ she supposedly sold Plutonium to the Russian. And they say Nancy Pelosi is in favor of MS 13‑that was one of Donald Trump’s claims. But we all know what an honest guy he is. Yeah right.

If Trump and his ditto heads want to attack these people I say we support them by voting Democratic in the Midterms. Yes, most of what I’ve noticed Trump supporters doing now is griping about Dems. I saw an ad from Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick urging people to vote in the midterms so we can hold this administration accountable. Perhaps that’s one way to fight the Potus.