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Fascism got you Down?

Anyone that doesn’t recognize Donald Trump’s administration as a fascist regime at this point probably wouldn’t know a 2″ x 4″ even if it hit them squarely in the head.  The constant and blatant attacks against people purely down demographic lines clearly is a plot to divide and conquer.  Almost everything Donald Trump, his family, and his cronies have done has been to make money for themselves.  There mission has been to blur the lines between their own business and what should be separate government business.  What they are doing may be common place in some Banana Republics; however, it goes strictly against what our founding fathers envisioned for this country.  Our founding fathers never wanted a crook and conman running this country.  Most other developed countries would have had a voice of no confidence by now and the people would have removed him from power.  We need to seriously consider a constitutional amendment that would give the people that power in a situation such as this.

 Donald Trump is on the wrong side of history.  I truly get the feeling I’m one of tens of millions of people in this country that has woken up every day for the last 2 years hoping that the first headline I would read that day is that Donald Trump has either resigned, been impeached, or has been arrested.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.  Yes, it is very long overdue.  Yes, this has been a very long and tiring two years.  It has been an outright constant assault on our country’s values and my common senses.

The key important thing everyone in this country should understand is what they are doing is DESIGNED TO WEAR PEOPLE DOWN.  What they ultimately want is your complicit silence.  When people stop speaking out they can then virtually get away with anything at that point.  That’s why there’s been too many scandals to even begin to mention.  It is all designed to wear people down.

For all I know two more scandals probably have surfaced in the time it took me to write this article.  What they are trying to do with their crazy fascist circus is desensitize people to their level of criminality and incestuousness.  They are trying to establish their immorality as “the new normal” in the heads of the American people.  An immorality where it is OK for the President to do whatever he pleases, profit at the expense of the public, ok to lock people in cages, ok for migrant children to die in concentration camps, and OK to give high ranking jobs to relatives.

As I see it, this has been a constant assault to anyone with a reasonable thinking mind.  It is done repeatedly in an attempt to brainwash the masses into believing having a lawless president is somehow OK. The reality is it is not normal and never will be normal (at least by my standards).

Essentially, why I am writing this is because I know that the more people understand about this psychological manipulation then the less likely anyone is to fall for it. Its like when one sees a magic trick for the first time.  The deception is actually quite brilliant, but once one knows how the deception is done, one will probably never view it the same or fall for that trick again.

 If you are a moral being then chances are you already know with every fiber of your being that so much of what is currently going on on this country is complete bullshit and not right.  If fact it is wrong on so many levels.  It is un-American and it’s just simply not normal.  I don’t care how many times someone tries and pass that circus off as normal I refuse to ever accept that any of this is actually “normal”.

If anyone ever feels they need to take a break from it it is OK and healthy, but please always remember your silence is your surrender.  So take a break for however long needed.  Don’t give in or simply give up.  Doing so means you are doing exactly what the fascists want you to do.  So rest or take a break from it whenever and as often as needed, but please come back with a stronger more unwavering voice.  Use your new found strength to be even more vocal at the most necessary times.  Come back rested ready to start a protest or participate in a protest.  Come ready to wave a sign or do whatever you feel is needed to express yourself and your honest opinions.

As much as I would like to think that tomorrow I will wake up and the worst of this will be over. There’s also a part of me that know that this could seemingly, endlessly drag on for another two years.  So much of what I know about fighting fascism came from studying in Spain.  The Spanish people lived through Franco decade after decade and they know it is everyone’s duty to fight for their rights or they will be slowly eroded by government.

I want to end this article with a quote from Kutxi Romero .  I believe it has a valuable message.

Cuando hay algo que decir, no se puede uno callar, porque callar es morir – Kutxi Romero

Translated that essentially means ‘When there is something to be said, no one should not be silent, because to shut up is to die’.

I believe this is an important message for all Americans to hear.   So by all means take a break if necessary.  Do not go easily, willfully, or silently.  Rest, reemerge, and RESIST even more and even louder after a break.