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Facebook To LiberalResistance.net: Shut UP!

Facebook, the multi-billion-dollar social network, has refused to accept material from LiberalResistance.net

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, LiberalResistance.net received notice from Facebook that its posting regarding Albuquerque-area lawyer, Robert Aragon, could not be advertised as a “boosted” posting. Facebook indicated that the posting violated its terms of service in that it discussed Mr. Aragon’s “attributes.”

The posting was in regards to an article on LiberalResistance.net which questioned whether Mr. Aragon’s behavior during an interaction with a client had been proper. See: “Evidence of Robert Aragon Committing Tax Evasion or Worse?”


The background of the article is as follows. On September 13, 2017, LiberalResistance.net’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Mathew D. Blanchfield, revealed that he had been contacted by a former client of Mr. Aragon. This individual said he had evidence that Aragon had solicited a cash payment of $30,000 in return for making “all his legal troubles go away.”

The former client showed Blanchfield a hand-written receipt, signed by Aragon, for the sum of $30,000 and dated January 13, 2006. The former client further indicated that Aragon had requested the money as part of a child custody case dating from that year.

However, the former client indicated that he was “never provided an accounting of the hours charged for this $30,000 cash payment and was even billed for additional hours.” When the client spoke to Aragon’s staff, they seemed to have no knowledge of the cash payment.

Blanchfield stands by his account of the meeting, and notes further that there have been other reports of unusual behaviors with Aragon in the past. The Santa Fe-New Mexican newspaper reported on October 31, 2004, that Aragon received $5000 in campaign finances from two individuals who had been previously convicted of embezzlement and state tax evasion charges. (“GOP candidate for auditor accepted $5K from embezzlers,” By Steve Terrell, The New Mexican Oct 21, 2014.)

Nevertheless, when LiberalResistance.net posted a link to the story to Facebook, and attempted to pay to have it promoted, Facebook indicated that it would not allow the advertisement to run.

LiberalResistance.net deplores what seems to be Facebook’s attempt to censor news reportage, particularly given that Mr. Aragon is currently running for a seat on Albuquerque’s City Council in District 5. It will appeal the decision not to run the advertisement.