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Facebook is the Borg

An enormous number people around the world have opted to join Facebook and other social media, probably because it was new (at one point) and “FREE” and allowed people to connect over long distances.

However, it is no longer the same.  Facebook now limits and controls what and who people are allowed to see.  Most people only get updates from a very controlled few and select number of people.  It was meant to connect people, but ultimately just became a tool for the Borg to control what the masses are allowed to see and group-think.  It’s partially our own fault as most of us at one point opted it, but then it changed. The internet has become a form of artificial intelligence that is trying to warp our perceptions of reality by controlling exactly what we see and hear.  If only more people could actually see that.

Let’s face it, without Facebook’s targeted marketing campaign and the numerous Russian attacks, Donald Trump would not even be the president.  So it should be needless to say… but here it goes this has really gotten out of hand.   It has gotten to the point the Borg is way too powerful.  The different platforms could have rejected the Russian rubles for political ads and political targeting, but you’d be a fool to think Zuckerborg or anyone else actually cared.

If you gave up Facebook for a year, would you actually go back with the current format?  How sure are you of your answer?  At one point it was good and connected people but since Russia weaponized it against us as a country to create more division, is this a path we actually want to continue down?

It sure seems like we need to make a good way for the public to remove and store their own personal information from the different social media platforms and upload it to a different platform if ever desired.  If the Borg that’s creating that algorithm starts using it as a weapon against us, we need to unplug from the matrix.

We should also be able to filter any social media to see what we want to see not what someone else wants us brainwashed with.  Currently, since social media is “FREE” it sells everyone that is signed up as the actual product.  Your information is available to anyone willing to buy it. Would you be willing to pay a fee if it meant you could have some actual privacy again?

Plus, it just seems like everyone had more fun before social media. Photo and video cameras were way more rare and people didn’t have to worry about every moment of their life potentially going public.

Maybe we need an app that allows us to be in control of what we see across the many the different platforms and eliminates the ads or pays people if they actually want to be subjected to such marketing practices.  If a social media platform isn’t willing to give people what and who they want to see, people should be able to pack up their own personal data and take it somewhere where they feel more comfortable.  These apps could also be set to limit or allow access only during certain time windows so adults and children aren’t so bombarded by the virtual world constantly.  Then people could actually take more time to enjoy the real world.   What a novel idea…