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Did Facebook Gave Your Data To Russia/China?

We all know, now, that Facebook hasn’t exactly been careful with our personal data. But, there’s a new little tidbit of info making the rounds. It seems that that FB gave away a lot of our background to companies in China and Russia.

In a word…WTF?

According to (among others) The Daily Beast, Facebook has special relationships with dear friends–big companies, like Netflix and Spotify, with whom it shares extra details about users. That much has been clear or a long time. But, it now turns out that among those “friends” are a Chinese company, Huawei, and a Russian one, Yandex. And, it just so happens, that Yandex has history of co-operating with the Russian secret police.

It’s not entirely clear what Facebook actually gave the two (and other companies) but the story is disturbing. It means that if you have a Facebook account, there’s a chance that somewhere in Moscow and/or Beijing, there are intelligence agents going over the most intimate details of your life…right now.

Tell us, again, about how what’s good for big successful corporations is good for the USA.

We think we missed something the first time.