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Eye on the Prize

As we get closer and closer to the 2020 election there is one very important thing I want to say (and I’m not the only one saying it either). At all times we must keep the focus on the main goal to oust the current president from the White House. We should all be able to agree that is the #1 goal. Everything else is secondary.

Personally, I like a Sanders/Warren ticket or a Warren/Sanders ticket the most. I honestly believe they can remove Trump from office. I also believe those two are what this country desperately needs. I honestly believe The United States would not survive another four years of presidential sabotage. At this point, we are stuck with the current president. Although he deserves to be impeached more than any president in history, in the current corrupt political system we have the Republicans still have too much power to allow that. However, on the bright side of things by not impeaching the current president that means he will be the 2020 Republican candidate. As unfortunate as it may seem right now impeaching the president and putting Pence into the presidential office would be the biggest gift that Democrats could give to the Republicans.

I know Biden has also been scoring well in the polls. I believe he would be best in the Secretary of State position. He has the experience and connections to help rebuild the many long-standing alliances that the current president has soured over the last several years. Whoever gets the Secretary of State position is going to have their work cut out for them.

Personally, I believe Tulsi Gabbard should be given the Secretary of Defense Position. I believe she is more than qualified. I would even consider putting Pete Buttigeig in charge of Veterans Affairs. I personally would put Kamala Harris in charge of Housing and Urban Development. I believe the one word I would use to describe her is “fair”. I also fully believe she would fight to make sure we have better and more “fair” HUD policies going forward.

We need to realize only 1 person will get the top seat. So let us not self-destruct but rather use the skills of all these candidates as well as we can to move forward. I hope between now and November 2020 that we don’t forget the critical question of, “Will that ticket oust the current president?”

Some people have raised the question of what if Trump won’t leave. Well, the simple answer is he will have to. The Secret Service works for the Office of the President, not the president. After a New President is in power, the Secret Service could easily fly Trump to Guantanamo instead of Mar-a-Largo if they really wanted. They could also fly him to New York if they wanted to as well, where there might be some indictments with his name on them. Hopefully, he will be a good sport and consider those indictments his consolation prizes.