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Exclusion Breeds Monsters

This may come under the heading of “No. Really? You think?”, but there has been an interesting development in the study of human behavior and of the origins of radicalism. According to The Guardian, a recent study has shown that people who feel excluded from their larger society are more likely to adopt extreme, or even murderous ideologies. Moreover, the authors of the study have gone far to prove that thesis by neurological brain scans to show in real time the effects of exclusion on thinking.  The researchers watched participants’ brains while they played an online game. When the players felt they were accepted by other players and team mates, they manifested little sign of alienation. But, when they felt they were being unfairly excluded, the parts of their brains which were associated with extreme views became uniquely active.

Of course, this is something that would have been easy to infer from simply looking at the people who become terrorists in the past. But, still, it is useful to have convincing neurological evidence for what we suspected all along. The question, though, is what to do about it. And the answer, seemingly, is to look for ways by which such people — and particularly (if not exclusively) young males — can be given a place within the larger society.

And their are real dangers involved if we don’t find a way to incorporate these men and some women into the larger society. If we don’t, they have a distressing habit of becoming involved with groups like Al-Qaeda, and causes like White Nationalism.