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Evidence of Robert Aragon Committing Tax Evasion or Worse?


Robert Aragon is running for a seat on Albuquerque’s City Council in District 5 and Liberal Resistance has been shown physical evidence that he may have committed income tax evasion and attempted to defraud a client in January of 2006. The individual that showed us this evidence was a client of Robert Aragon in 2006. He claims that he was already on retainer with Robert Aragon on January 12th of 2006 for two child custody cases when Mr. Aragon called him to a critical meeting at his office. Robert Aragon’s client claims that, at this meeting, Mr. Aragon solicited $30,000 in cash to,” make all his legal challenges go away.” Mr. Aragon’s client says he did not ask how Robert Aragon intended to make his legal challenges go away, he just trusted Robert still at that time and wanted to protect his children.

We must say that Robert’s former client’s story initially sounded a little outrageous. That changed immediately when Robert’s former client produced the hand-written receipt shown below.

Cash Receipt

Robert Aragon’s former client claims that the next day January 13th, 2006 he gave Robert $30,000 in cash, at which time Robert wrote him the above shown receipt. Mr. Aragon’s former client also claims he was never provided an accounting of the hours charged for this $30,000 cash payment and was even billed for additional hours. The former client stated that he had to speak with Mr. Aragon’s staff and tell them he would not pay Robert anything more for services rendered. The former client stated that it was obvious to him the staff had no idea Robert Aragon had taken the $30,000 cash as there was no accounting for it on his billing statement.

Robert Aragon’s former clients says he kept the receipt in his safe deposit box all these year because he realized, after the fact, that Robert Aragon had stolen $30,000 from him at the lowest and most desperate point of his life.

Why did Robert Aragon demand $30,000 in cash from a client with a positive balance on his retainer? Why did he demand cash? Why didn’t his client’s billing statement show the $30,000 payment? Why didn’t Robert Aragon’s staff know about the cash payment? What are the chances Mr. Aragon paid income taxes on a $30,000 cash payment he never showed on his books? We do not pretend to know the answers to these questions, but we think any reasonably intelligent person can answer these questions for themselves.

After speaking with Mr. Aragon’s former client, we did a very brief internet search of this interesting man and below are some things we found of interest. It seems Mr. Aragon has a less than pristine past.

Robert Aragon GOP Candidate

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