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Even Conservatives Are Appalled At Trump

Donald Trump’s behavior at Helsinki was grotesque. He was so obviously dominated by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that he did everything short of kiss the man’s feet. And, here is the one hopeful sign about the whole ghastly fiasco, even Conservatives are beginning to be alarmed about it.

In rapid succession, the Drudge Report criticized Trump for his behavior, the Weekly Standard criticized Trump for his behavior, the National Review criticized Trump for his behavior…even Fox News criticized Trump for his behavior.

In a more reasonable world, this kind of criticism would either motivate Trump to radically change his behavior or motivate the Republican party to remove him, the way it did Richard Nixon, if only to protect the party’s seats in Congress. The problem being, alas, that these are not necessarily reasonable times, and even those GOP members in Congress who might favor some kind of action against Trump would face a furious backlash from his fanatical supporters.

Still, let’s hope that this is the beginning of something important. Maybe, by spreading the word of Trump’s cowardice and corruption, the Right will at last convince his supporters that 45 should never have entered the White House.