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Erick Prince: There was a meeting!

In an amazing development, Erik Prince has acknowledged that he did meet with Donald Trump Jr. and a representative of Saudi Arabia before the 2016 election, apparently in an attempt to co-ordinate efforts to get Trump Senior into the White House. The admission came on Al Jazeeera’s Head To Head program.

The British newspaper, The Independent, called the admission “devastating,” and noted that, if true, it would mean that Prince had committed perjury in his testimony before Congress.

Of all Trump’s associates, Prince is surely one of the most bizarre. Born into great wealth, he entered the military as an officer and because a Navy SEAL. He then formed the company Blackwater Worldwide, ostensibly providing training to military groups, but allegedly a mercenary operation that put troops into wars around the globe. With the election of Donald Trump, Prince attempted to convince the new president to largely replace the U.S. military, at least in some theaters of operation, with private contractors — something which didn’t come about.

Princes sister, meanwhile, is Betsy De Vos, Trump’s Secretary of Education, and a woman more or less openly devoted to the shuttering of public schools and their replacement with charter, religious, and private schools.

Brother and sister, thus, both espouse a libertarian conception of the universe in which government institutions …whether the military, schools, hospitals, or SWAT teams ….are immoral and should be replaced by for-profit entities.

Perhaps this explains, as well, Prince’s elastic conception of “truth.” It, like reality, is subject to change according the highest bidder.