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Enquirer In Deep Sh*t

The alleged newspaper, The National Enquirer, has a long history of being on the side of Right Wing figures, and of doing its level best to smear Left Wing ones. (What the newspaper wrote about Obama and his family made even Fox News look “fair and balanced.”)

But, now, the Enquirer may have finally gone too far. In recent weeks, it appears the publication, its owner,  American Media Inc.(AMI), and its CEO, David Pecker, attempted to blackmail Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s founder and now the owner of the Washington Post) to get him to drop investigations of the Enquirer and perhaps of Donald Trump.

Amazingly, Pecker and AMI seem to have operated almost entirely in the open, sending blatant emails to Bezos demanding concessions. 

And, of course, Bezos then made those emails public.

Which means that if the Enquirer really did what it seems it did, then it would have violated all manner of laws. Slate Magazine recently did up a helpful list of everything of which AMI/Pecker is guilty. 

Check out Slate’s story here. It is sort of like what they used to say about baseball games. You can’t tell one felon from another without a program.