This country was founded on the idea that a fair wage would be paid for a for a hard day’s work.

Trump is trying to infect the American system with the crime culture from his mob family and the Trump Organization.  Trump Organization is famous for not paying it’s bills or employees.

If the Government is not opened by Martin Luther King, Jr. Day then no federal employees should return to work.  Don’t want to call in “sick” then call in “slick” that’s what Trump would do then deny he ever called in “sick”.  Two can play at that game.  Or just don’t show up…  We banned slavery in this country.  Working for no pay is slavery.

It should not matter that some federal employees are still getting paid. As time goes on those that aren’t currently affected will become affected.

Do not let Trump demoralize your fellow brothers and sisters and pretend it doesn’t (or won’t) affect you!  You are next…trust and believe me.  At first… Hitler convinced people he was ONLY after Jews.   Trump just hasn’t figured out how to fuck you over yet.

THE SUFFERING HAS ONLY BEGUN AND WILL GROW EXPONENTIALLY.  PEOPLE WILL DIE OF STARVATION AND NO MEDICAL CARE IN THE “RICHEST” COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.  All federal employees need to strike while they still have some bargaining power.  Hillary warned America Trump was a Russian Puppet and so many didn’t listen.  I’m doing everything I can to warn you about this!  To my fellow Americans, heed my advice and strike while you still can!

This is a national security issue.  Trump is doing the best he can to cause chaos and discord so that we are weak and Putin can strike.

After, the government reopens the first thing on Congress’s plate should be to pass legislation to prevent a crime boss like Trump from ever taking America hostage again. The American people also deserve a constitutional right to recall an immoral fat fucking fascist pig like Trump.

Congress has the option to pass a budget that is veto proof.  They are supposed to be independent and don’t need permission from a wannabe dictator and his henchman McConnell to do anything.  DITCH MITCH elect a new Senate Majority leader.

At one point being “American” meant people had values and were willing to stand up for what they believed was right.  Show some spine and don’t let this fascist dictator take this country down without a fight.  If you won’t fight, then who will?

THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO HONOR MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.’S MEMORY THAN A STRIKE.  I once meet someone that was with Dr. King when he was shot. It’s sad to know America used to be a place of so much hope, but unfortunately so much hope died that day.

Remember you have been conditioned to not stand up. Everyone in this country that wanted true progressive change was assasinated.  Think about that for a minute.  It should make you angry and help you realize how much you have been manipulated.