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Drumpf’s Cover Of…Havana?

Singing Trump

We here at LR Net are happy to reveal that we have stumbled across a genius. Specifically, Maestro Ziikos, who does things with sound and video editing that seem utterly impossible, but somehow, dear heaven, he pulls them off.

In particular, you must now, right this very moment, go watch the video below, in which, apparently, Der Drumpf does a cover of  “Havana,” the song by Camila Cabello “featuring guest vocals from American rapper Young Thug.” It is a brilliant parody, often howlingly funny, and, yet, also, weirdly watchable.

Though, just maybe, there is one down side to the work. To wit, it makes Trump seem far more interesting than he really is. Watching his “cover” of Havana, you’d almost think that he was worth the level of expertise required to make fun of him. Though, in fact, of course, he most certainly is not. He is a vacuum and a shell, and quite simply his own parody.

Still, anything that mocks Trump is good and wholesome. So let us all applaud Maestro Ziikos, and hope that someday, soon, he will have a target in the White House genuinely worthy of his remarkable skills.

Oh, and if you enjoy his work, you may also support him on Patreon.

The Editors