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Drama Free Obama

To everyone who hasn’t read my previous posts, I recently suggested that former President Obama should be nominated for the Speaker of the House position. That’s possible. A non-member can constitutionally be elected to that position.  He still has 2 years he can constitutionally serve as president if called up through presidential line of succession.  Sure seems like Trump will be gone as more and more information comes out about Trump Tower Moscow, and depending on what Pence has been up to or knew about he may be gone as well.  I think the entire nation (and probably the world would breath a sigh of relief).  That would allow some stability to return.  It would also allow for someone like Nancy Pelosi to be voted in as Speaker of the House after Obama is called up to a higher office.  Then she can do what she does best and hopefully she will be mentoring the newest progressives on how to be effective democratic leaders.  

If I were King Solomon this how I would divide it up.  This way everyone gets something.  Drama-free Obama as President or Vice President would give this country a return to stability.  Nancy Pelosi then voted in as Speaker of the House would leave someone with a lot of experience in that position.  If Nancy agrees to mentor some of the younger more progressive democrats that will allow them to gain the experience to rise in the party sooner rather than later or never.  It may also encourage other democrats to collaborate with them so they can get a better idea of what the younger pulse of this country is.  Someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a green member of Congress still has to learn the process before she can effectively lead.  Without the proper position or experience putting her into a high position immediately may set her up for failure and I and many others would like to see her succeed.  

As for clearing up the mess Trump created by attempting to dictate mostly though the issuance of executive orders.  I can’t think of anyone better for the job than Barack Obama, a Harvard educated constitutional law expert, to go through and cancel out or help cancel out the ones that are on their face unconstitutional or would constitutionally be considered presidential overreach. So instead of having a constitutional crisis maybe we should try and get Obama back into some high office to help facilitate the clean up.  Even if he only rises to vice president he would be a most excellent advisor to Pence.  

Also with his new House contacts and Senate experience he may be one to consult with or help write a new anti-tyrant constitutional amendment to prevent a similar situation to Trump from ever happening again.  We have learned that it is possible for a pathological liar and demagogue to obtain the highest public office.  We have also seen that when a complicit congress (like our current Crimson Congress) refuses to do it’s job our current system of checks and balances in insufficient, ineffective, and quite dangerous to the country.  Maybe we need to put the power back into the hands of the people and create  a way for the people to demand a presidential recall.  If the people had the ability to demand a recall for a president that lied during his campaign about his agenda or demonstrated his complete incompetence, I get the feeling Trump would already be out of office.  It was bad enough that he lost the popular vote by some 3 million votes.  That I believe means the electoral college system also needs to be addressed (and possibly entirely removed), but we now have the information that Trump wouldn’t have been elected without the aide of our foreign advisary, Russia.  

I have full faith that the people are smart enough to interpret this type of situation and could make a decision as for what is in the best interest of the entire country.  How about instead of all this MAGA bullshit we actually Make America Democratic?  


Chris Madsen