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Don’t Tell Laura Ingraham

William B. Turner

The good news is that the young man who got shot five times as he prevented the shooter at Parkland high school in Florida from entering the classroom where he and twenty of his fellow students were trying to avoid getting shot has now left the hospital, after having a third of one lung removed. His family has to move because he cannot climb stairs. His name is Anthony Borges.

A Gofundme campaign on his behalf has raised some $800,000 so far. We can hope he will continue to receive donations.

The other bit of good news is that he gets a bit of breathing room since his release occurred while noted Christian conservative and critic of Parkland students Laura Ingraham was on a “preplanned vacation” from her show on everyone’s favorite network for paranoiacs, Fox News.

Ingraham increased her notoriety as a vicious harridan a week ago when she sniped at David Hogg, another Parkland student who has become suddenly very prominent for his decision to respond to the shooting by becoming a vocal advocate for new gun control legislation, along with several of his fellow students. He made the mistake of complaining publicly about having received rejections from several of the colleges he had applied to. Ingraham, modeling intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate adult behavior, sniped at him for this statement via Twitter and suffered immediate, well deserved backlash, including a new movement to boycott any company that chooses to advertise on her show.

Ingraham offered a half-hearted apology “in the spirit of Holy Week,” thus proving that there is no depth to which good Christians will not stoop in deploying their religion strategically to try to deflect criticism and escape responsibility.

We’ll have to wait until she comes back from her vacation to find out if she learned her lesson – the lesson Rush Limbaugh could have taught her with his attack on Sandra Fluke in 2012, when he called her a slut and sparked a widespread advertiser boycott – or if she plans to say nasty things about Mr. Borges just to prove how dense she really is. Attack seems to be her instinctive response to displays of vulnerability from high school students who have survived a major school shooting, and Mr. Borges is notably more vulnerable – apparently, he still has trouble speaking, unlike Mr. Hogg – than Mr. Hogg, so he must be an inviting target for Ingraham.

Keep your eyes peeled for mean tweets aimed at Mr. Borges once Ingraham comes back from wherever she has been haunting for the past week.