Donny Had a Little Lamb - Liberal Resistance

Donny Had a Little Lamb

William B. Turner

“Conservatives” are so cute when their clueless, except when they’re not. Cute, that is, they’re always clueless.

Yesterday, the Democratic candidate won a special election in Pennsylvania in a district where the Republican lie machine has usually worked well in the past. The so called president carried the district easily in 2016. Even if the Republican had won by only a narrow margin, it would have been bad news. The current vote total, showing the Democrat, Conor Lamb, as winning, is within 500 votes, so it is a very close election.

But having the Democrat win is very bad news for Republicans. Being Republicans, they are now spinning on twelve cylinders trying to come up with some explanation that will allow them to save some face and get some sleep between now and November.

They’re now trying to claim that the Republican was a weak candidate.  This looks a bit odd, since the so called president himself campaigned in person last weekend for this very candidate and talked, when he remembered to do so in the midst of his usual barrage of insults, about what a great guy he is.

But their chief strategy is to claim that Lamb is a Republican in all but name. Apparently he has explicitly repudiated the idea of voting for Nancy Pelosi, Republican bogeywoman, as Speaker of the House should he remain in November and Democrats regain control of the chamber. Some of them have claimed, erroneously, that he opposes abortion rights. He does not.

But there is an obvious flaw in this tactic that too many good “conservatives” seem not to have noticed. If Lamb is a Republican in all but name, and he won against the official Republican nominee, then the election outcome was necessarily a repudiation specifically of Republicans and the Republican brand.

Democrats should not get too happy about this. It is an encouraging harbinger, but the greatest enemy now is complacency. November is several months off, and we do not want to lose our enthusiasm. As someone pointed out, voting for a Democrat in the House is voting for impeachment.

If that doesn’t excite you, no telling what will.

So get out and work for your candidate and vote.