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Don T. Jr. – A Gothic Horror Story

There is a powerful, disturbing, and informative story over on GQ that you should take a look at, The Real Story of Donald Trump Jr. by Julia Ioffe. In it, Ioffe looks at Donald Trump’s namesake son. And a pretty picture it isn’t. We’re presented with a man who has been overshadowed by his domineering father his whole life, and who seems to have never known much in the way of parental affection or care from anybody, much less his orange-headed Dad.

She writes that his life sounds a bit like something out of Faulkner, “It’s hard being Don. Struggling to make a mark. Living as the junior to Trump senior. Existing as the shy kid who takes solace in the outdoors. Growing into a man who desperately wants his father’s love and pride yet is always mindful of the distance between them. His struggles are compounded by the perception that his life of privilege ought to be effortless. Though to understand the strange gantlet of duty and drama that has marked that life is to wonder how anything would be simple for Donald Trump Jr.”

Yet, in spite of or because of his relationship with Don Sr., he’s emerged as his father’s bull-dog in confrontations with the press and other critics. Maybe this is a way of getting his father’s approval. Though, if so, it doesn’t seem to be working much. Father and son remain as distant as ever.

Still, who knows? Ioffe says that by defending Dear Old Dad, Donald Jr. has endeared himself to the Right. Maybe, soon, he’ll run for office all on his own.

Feel free to shudder at that thought.