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Does The DNC Want Men?

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Mars needs women. But does the Democratic National Committee want men? At least, white working class ones?

It is a tricky question. A recent article in the AP by , After 2016 loss, Democrats know they need white male voters, says that the Democratic Party has finally figured out that it can’t do without white men. He writes, “Many Democratic politicians went into the last presidential campaign cycle taking little account of those voters [i.e., white males], and banked on a coalition of women and minorities to carry them to victory. Trump’s victory proved that thinking wrong. Many in the party are determined now not to make the mistake again.”

But does the Democratic establishment really believe that? And are they willing to do anything to bring white male votes to the Blue Side of the ballot box? Maybe, but then again, maybe not. When you look at public statements, and opinion pieces in the news media,  you see a lot about the new role of women in the party. Much more rarely, you will run across something about minority males. But, let’s face it, you just don’t see many Democrats or their media proxies going to white men, particularly those who are working class, and saying “if you vote for us, we’ll make your life better.” You don’t hear them talking about how they’ll fight to keep industries from going overseas, or about how they’ll stop union busting, or what they’ll do to make it easier for their sons and daughters to go to college without signing away all their tomorrows in the form of student debt.

In short, the Democratic Establishment may understand that they need white, working male votes, but it doesn’t seem to be willing to work at getting them.

And that could be a serious mistake. We’ve already lost at least one election to those who, in the words of the song, have rednecks, white socks, and Blue Ribbon beer. We can’t afford to lose another one.