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Is The DNC Normalizing Trump?

This one we got from our friend Brent Williams. It seems there is a very disturbing article over on the Atlantic’s website. In Democrats’ ‘Resistance’ to Trump Is Eroding, and So Are Their Poll Numbers,” Will Stancil argues that the leaders of the Democratic Party are increasingly willing to accept Trump as “the new normal.” If this really is the case, he says, then our chances of making serious progress in the 2018 mid-terms are much slimmer than we think.

Whether Stancil is right will only be made clear at the mid-term elections, but there is evidence to support him. The Democratic Elites have made noises about bi-partisan efforts, and they have done their best to discourage, or even exile, more radical members of the party faithful. The Bernie Bros and Sisters remain very much persona non grata as far as the DNC and DCCC are concerned. And even organizations like as MoveOn and Indivisible haven’t always been welcome. It seems that the party elite has concluded that it can tolerate Trump until he self-destructs, and then they can simply move in and pick up the pieces without being dreadfully concerned with The Resistance.

This, thinks Stancil, is a serious error. He concludes with the sobering words, “The anti-Trump coalition may not last forever, but at this moment, it represents, in raw vote-getting terms, the most powerful force in American political life—the unified inverse of the nation’s reactionary minority. As Democrats’ stubborn resistance wanes, they risk eroding that unified coalition, and prolonging the crisis of the Trump presidency indefinitely.”