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DNC/DCCC are a real problem

For months now we’ve been saying that the Democratic Party has a real problem on its hands –specifically, its own elite organizations, such as the DNC and the DCCC. We have watched while they have done everything they can to repress progressive voters, and even intervened in local elections, working against liberal and Left candidates.

So, we’re always pleased as punch when we find that someone actually agrees with us. In this case, our admiration is extended to Ross Barkan, who writes in The Guardian that The Democratic party is in a murky mess. He notes that the DNC and DCCC seem utterly oblivious to the fact that the party’s rank and file is moving toward the Left, and instead continues to act as though voters don’t matter. It is astonishing, he says, “But the story remains how much party leaders are resisting the actual energy within their party. Given the catastrophic loss of the White House two years ago and the down-ballot bleeding that characterized much of the Barack Obama years, it may seem odd the Democratic chieftains still think they know what’s best – and not the voters driving the change.”

But, they do seem to believe it, and they are ignoring the very people they are supposed to serve. Worse, they are doing it apparently in the belief that their massive defeat in 2016 was, somehow, just an accident. He concludes, “And now they try to tell us who can win where and who can’t. Failure isn’t as humbling as it used to be.”

We couldn’t agree more.