Dinosaur Extinction 2.0 - Liberal Resistance

Dinosaur Extinction 2.0

Maybe the solution to our political problems in this country is we need to get rid of the dinosaurs in Washington D.C. They have shown their true colors over and over again. They are just way too greedy, easily bribed, full of negativity, and too set in their ways.  Many are mean spirited and downright evil too.  For example nothing makes some of them smile except taking away healthcare from the sick.  If we as a nation finally decided to vote them all out of Washington D.C. and send them down to Florida or Arizona to retire, we could easily do that.

We need a wave of younger Generation X’ers and Millennials to step up.  Remember folks if you serve just one term in Congress then you are pretty much set for life.  We already have many progressive ideas that will push America in a positive direction.  We just need younger people to step up to help implement them.

It just feels like we as a nation are tired of being held hostage to old ideas and having to constantly argue with the senile old grandpas who refuse to ever give.  Maybe they could move on to enjoy their lives or actually do something positive with all the moldy money they have stashed in their mattresses.

Anyone that has leadership value such as Nancy Pelosi or Bernie Sanders can stay, but we need to get rid of the geriatrics filled with pure vile.  That will make America a better place. Nothing wrong with wanting a better America for ourselves and future generations.  We need a dinosaur extinction in 2020 so we can finally set a better course.  The world is changing and we need people better equipped to deal with that rather than just bury their heads in the sand.




Chris Madsen is a writer and activist based in the great state of Hawaii. He frequently writes from the unique perspective of his Pacific home. His opinions are his own.

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