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Devil’s Triangle – SEX pure and simple

The other day we wrote about how Brett Kavanaugh said a mysterious term that showed up in his high school yearbook, “The Devil’s Triangle,” referred to a drinking game. The problem is that other people, including some of his former friends, have said it was actually a reference to a three-way sex act, with two men and one woman, and perhaps without the woman’s consent.

Now, The Cut is reporting that yet another of Kavanaugh’s classmates, Jaime Roche, is saying that The Devil’s Triangle was sex, pure sex, and nothing but the sex. The magazine quotes Roche as saying on live TV, “I was shocked when I heard that. Those words were commonly used, and they were references to sexual activities…If you think about the context in which you might hear those words, the way that he described them and the way that they are defined, they are not interchangeable. I heard them talk about it regularly.”

In short, just in case you didn’t notice all the themes here, Kavanaugh looks increasingly like a drunk, a liar, and (maybe) an abuser.

Just what we need on the Supreme Court…Not.