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Deport Melania Trump First, then We’ll discuss the Wall

I sincerely believe that if we follow the narrow Republican logic that all immigration needs to follow “proper procedure” then Melania Trump should be deported. This is an excellent opportunity for Republicans to prove once and for all that they aren’t racist hypocrites and that immigration laws should be enforced equally towards all.

Melania Trump didn’t follow “proper procedure”. It is well known she illegally worked in this country on a visa. So she needs to go back. On the bright side of things it will be a lot easier for Putin to debrief her in Slovenia than Washington D.C.

So as soon as we have fully discussed, put into perspective, and dealt with the larger problem of people just like Melania Trump that illegally worked here on entry visas or overstayed their visas there really is no need to discuss the smaller illegal border crossing issue.