Deplorables Threaten Violence (again) - Liberal Resistance

Deplorables Threaten Violence (again)

Sometimes you just need a little reminder of how awful they really are. Trump supporters, I mean. The Deplorables…

And for today’s little aide-mémoire, consider this story from Salon (though originally on Alternet): Billboard in Maryland warns liberals to “get your guns” if Trump is impeached. Yes, it seems that some charming fellow in Calvert County decided to threaten us nasty ole liberals with a few high caliber hollow points if his charming Orange-headed duce should get kicked out of the White House.

No. The story’s true. I even Snopsed it.

I gather that the owner of the sign agreed to take it down once he’d had a little chat with the local sheriff. But, still, sometimes, I wonder if the forces of law and order shouldn’t have left it in place.

Because, you see, it shows us so very well exactly what we’re dealing with.

In all its pig-headed, dumb-shit glory.