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Democratic candidate for President Marianne Williamson

Editor’s Note: Marc Keyser did not actually interview Marianne Williams for this story. It is a work of political fiction, but it is based on her actual interview with Trevor Noah. Ms. Williamson may or may not agree with the opinions expressed, but Marc hopes she would find the general premise of the phone protest attractive.

VirtualReality2 Host and author Marc Keyser

Marc Keyser: Welcome to the show.

In a recent interview with Trevor Noah, you said some interesting things. I must admit when I first heard you were running for president along with a gazillion other Democrats, I didn’t pay attention. But after hearing you speak and explain your positions on issues, I am impressed. You bring a fresh perspective to the debate.

Marianne: President Trump harnesses hate groups for his own political purposes. Trump is one of the most dangerous types of politician that can exist….

Marc: … Hitler did the same thing in Nazi Germany. Blaming the Jew and putting them in concentration camps.

Marianne: Trump is feeding off the power of collectivized hate.  We must answer with collective love.

Marc: … that sounds like the Christian thing to do.

Marianne: When I head Jared Kursher say that he had said to his father-in-law about three years ago there are a lot of angry people out there and we can harness all that and make you president, I though to myself, I see a lot of wonderful, loving, dignified, decent people out there. We could harness all that and change the world.

Marc: Decent people are the majority. The majority of voters did not elect Trump.

Marianne: This is a multi-dimensional issue. On one hand, I hope we have laws- there will be resistance to this- but we need to give our intelligence agencies, including law enforcement, including FBI, far more power to go in there on these Nazi websites. They have known that hate groups are there, we have to know.

We have police agencies who know that if once you start talking a bout pedophile, right, we give resources, we need to give more resources, but to people who are doing the sex with children thing, the police know what to do, they know how to shut it down. Not enough of these White Supremacy hate groups have been shut down.

Marc: … and put in prison for promoting the white nationalism, violence, terror, and the overthrow of the government.

Marianne: First, we have to realize that we have a serious problem on our hands.

Secondly, we have to give all the external powers, the power that the authorities need, to shut it down in cyber security, and we also have to deal with the gun issues.

I believe that in Dayton the police were there…

Marc: The police were on the scene in 30 seconds- and still nine people were shot.

Marianne: We have to realize that is up to each and everyone of us. We must become as serious behind our love as some people are serous behind their hate.

There are far move lovers than there are haters, but haters in America today hate with conviction. Conviction is a force multiplier. We must love with conviction. But the love that is a convicted love not just a personal love, not just a love for people like you, not just a love for your own children. It’s also an equal love for children on the other side of town. It’s love for children on the other side of the world. We have to realize in all the ways that I’m talking about, whether it has to do with traumatized children, whether it has to do with reckless and irresponsible and even criminal acts of militarism, we must be willing to apply love, rather than amoral leading to immoral, economic principles ordering our society.

We are the United States of America; we are the generation of Americans have to decide what kind of county we want. Because we need an entirely new operating system in this country.

Marc: We are Americans. We need to defeat President Trump and Moscow Mitch. We need to repudiate white nationalism, Trump’s MAGA domestic terrorism, and tax the donor class that supports Trump and took a trillion-dollar tax cut at our expense.

Marianne: If you’re going to make money, the bottom line, money untethered to any moral or ethical principle, do not be surprised when all this societal dysfunction arises. Anybody with any intelligent understanding of history knows that’s what happens when love does not prevail. (audience applauding)

Marc: Do you have some sound progressive policies? The nation is so politically polarized.

Marianne: I have two things to say to that. First of all, no matter who wins the presidency- of course we hope it’s a democrat- if Mitch McConnell’s still head of the senate, he is going to go right on obstructing everything.

Second of all, if the consciousness of America is at a place where they would elect me president, then I think the consciousness of America might give us a whole different senate as well. So, I mean, think about it. Think of the kind of changes that would be happening for that to happen. So, if I’m president, so, it’s all about what you have, but more than that even, my partnership is with the American people.

None of what we’re talking about is going to happen unless we, the American people, see each and everyone of us as an immune cell. Donald Trump is an opportunistic infection… that could not have gotten hold of our government, had there not been a weakened societal immune system. Too many of us through our chronic disengagement from politics, to our acquiescence to an economic system that played more to the advocacy for corporate profits than to advocacy for the people. We all, I believe, have to take responsibility for what’s happened. And if we just think the same old, same old, a better version of same old, same old, it’s not going to defeat Trump. I obviously no not agree with that. If we are open, as Abraham Lincoln said, we must disenthrall ourselves. As the case is new, we must act anew.

We are Americans, we were born out of a rambunctious spirit. We said to tyranny in 1776, “Hell no!” We’re not doing that anymore. “We’re doing something different.”

We repudiated aristocratic elitist nonsense in 1776… and it’s time to do it again.

We need to talk about the fact that the United States has sacrificed our moral leadership…I want a politics that goes much deeper, I want a politics that speaks to the heart.’

Marc: We need to need to do something different. We must repudiate Trump’s politics of hate, but how exactly can that happen?

We could harness all the decent people to put their heads out the window and shout. “I’m damn mad, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” We could march in the streets and risks being tear gassed by riot police and arrested or beaten up or killed by Trump’s MAGA neo-Nazis like they did in Charlottesville when young Heather Heyer was run over and killed.

We could wait 2020 when Russian hackers attack our elections to help Trump win. We could wait for Trump to call forth his MAGA neo-Nazi, KKK terrorists to kill people and create so much public panic and chaos that the president is forced to declare Martial Law and suspend the elections to quell the violence the creates leaving Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell in power… indefinitely.

You’re right. Donald Trump is an opportunistic infection just as Hitler was an opportunist infection in Germany. But what is the cure? I agree. The way to fight Trump’s hate is to harness our collective love. But how?

Marianne: We must become serious behind our love. We must act anew.

Marc: There is a way to actively love our enemies. We can use our smartphones that we use every day to conduct business and communicate. We can use to our smartphones to amplify our collective voice in protest. We can protest by smartphone. That’s new. I invented it.

If enough of us call Bank of America 800-732-9194 with an out-pouring of brotherly love, if we sit on their phones like a ten-ton, bull elephant, we can crush the life out of their communications, suffocate their business, until consumers start a run on the bank and investors panic and crash Bank of America/Merrill Lynch stock. We can force the rich special interests in the shadow government that controls our government to force Trump to resign… because it’s too costly to keep Trump … because the rich don’t want to lose Bank of America and suffer a stock market crash… because the rich worship Mammon and they love money more than they love Trump.

Protest by phone, where there are no riot police, no MAGA neo-Nazi terrorists threatening protesters. Make free phone calls from anywhere anytime. Call on our smartphones safe and sound by the millions and use the collective force of brotherly to love to crush the life out of Bank of America.

Marianne: Love will prevail …

Marc: …when we use our smartphones to actively love our enemies and collectively focus our brotherly love with conviction on Bank of America where the money is. We can cost Wall Street a bloody fortune. We can put economic pressure on the rich and powerful who own our government to turn on Trump. We can make the nation ungovernable for the president and Congress. Calling collectively, together in brotherly love, we can Force Trump to resign under immense and growing public pressure especially from the rich donor class. Investors can force Trump to resign… or they can lose Bank of America and face a meltdown on Wall Street.

Marianne: what a brilliant idea.



Marc Keyser is a writer and activist who has pioneered the use of the cellphone as an instrument of mass protest. The opinions expressed here are his own.

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