In Defense of Robert Mueller - Liberal Resistance

In Defense of Robert Mueller

By William B. Turner

The big story right now is how Fox News and other “conservative” outlets are very busy trying to discredit Robert Mueller in order to derail his investigation into Trump’s campaign and its dealings with various Russian figures.

The battle with Trump has always been a battle between Trump’s personal version of reality, and those who are willing to accept Trump’s personal version, and those of us who see in Trump a lying used car salesman/ “reality TV” star who should never have even thought about running for president, much less actually occupied the office, for a millisecond. Reports on who Robert Mueller is are easy to find. Even people who are not particularly fond of praising Republican former FBI directors have to admit that he was likely the very best person anyone could find to serve as special prosecutor for this investigation. To impugn his integrity only proves how far past reason the Trump supporters are.

The good news is that everything Mueller does will go before a federal judge, and federal judges have been the primary brakes on the runaway Trump train to date. Mueller has done an excellent job, as he should, at keeping the gory details of the investigation secret until he has to present an indictment or plea bargain, which are necessarily public documents. But what becomes public then becomes fodder for Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the hardy scribes at Breitbart and other sources of right wing drivel to start lying about.

Happily, of course, the various sources of real news continue to report accurately on these developments, but we know real news never slows good, zealous “conservatives” down.

As long as Trump remains in office, and Mueller’s investigation continues, it is imperative that we vocally defend him and his credibility against the right wing onslaught.