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DCCC Trying To Force Progressives From Races

There is an interesting piece over on the Intercept’s Website, Secretly Taped Audio Reveals Democratic Leadership Pressuring Progressive to Leave Race by Lee Fang. On the off chance you didn’t know about it, the Democratic Party’s elites have allegedly been working rather diligently against progressive candidates in state and local elections. The DNC and the DCCC have been reportedly deciding on who can and who cannot run for office, and then actively sabotaging the campaigns of people it just doesn’t like—usually progressives.

Or so it has been alleged. But, now, we’ve got proof of it. According to Fang, “Levi Tillemann, an author, inventor, and former official with the Obama administration’s Energy Department” had decided to run for Congress in his home state of Colorado. He has a lot of support from the voters.

But not, it seems, from the Party bigwigs. They favored another candidate entirely, “… Jason Crow, a corporate lawyer at the powerhouse Colorado firm Holland & Hart and an Army veteran.”

Tillemann was summoned to a meeting with “Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 Democrat in the House of Representatives, [who] has for years been a prolific campaigner on behalf of current and potential members of Congress.” Hoyer, says Fang, then basically told Tellemann that he wasn’t wanted in the contest, and that he’d drop out if he knew what was good for him. The candidate was going to be Crow, a good “moderate,” and progressives could go suck an egg.

The kicker? Tellemann recorded the whole conversation on his phone. The whole world now knows exactly what’s going on, and why it is that Progressives seem to be getting the short end of the stick. (If you want to hear the conversation, you can find it on the Intercept’s webpage here.)

Of course, we knew this was happening. But, now, we have hard evidence. The DNC and the DCCC don’t like us poor Progressives, and don’t seem to have a lot of respect for the voters.

And there is something terribly odd about all of this. In the recording provided by Tellemann, and in all the actions of the DNC/DCCC, you can detect an interesting assumption—to wit, that they, the Party Elites, know how to win elections, and know what the country needs, while mere voters do not.

This sort of hubris would be a good deal easier to take if it weren’t coming from the same people who lost an election to Donald Trump, and which didn’t seem to care to fight for Congress in several elections.

But, now, after all those years of clearly demonstrated incompetence and arrogance, they set out to battle not the GOP, but the very people…the young, the Left, the energetic…who have the most capacity to win the fight for the future, and to save the nation from dictatorship.

As I say, troubling.

And one wonders, when all is done and said, and Trump is finally out of the White House, and the GOP has lost control of Congress…

Will it be time for a reckoning with the Democratic Establishment that holds us in almost as much contempt as does the GOP?