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David Koch Leaving

David Koch is leaving both his business and political offices, according to news reports. The reason given is that Koch is suffering serious health reverses. This leaves both the family business empire and its political activities under the sole direction of Koch’s older brother, Charles Koch, who is 82.

The two Kochs have been at the center of the great conservative dark money network that has done so much to poison American public discourse and politics over the last few decades. Both men are, of course, the sons of Fred C. Koch, who worked for Stalin, then became a radical anti-Communist, and ended as co-founder of the John Birch Society.

Whether or not David Koch’s absence will change anything is, of course, hard to say. The great right-wing conspiracy which he helped to create will surely be able to survive without him. But, still, we can at least hope that his absence will have some good effect.

Besides, if nothing else, his retirement means we won’t have to look at that horrible smirking face of his. Which has something to be said for it.