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David Hogg Victim of Swatting “Prank”

The Guardian is reporting that David Hogg, the Parkland school shooting survivor who has become a well-known gun control advocate, was “swatted” on Tuesday, 5 June. Swatting is a so-called prank in which someone calls the police and reports that there is a violent incident underway at the home, school, or workplace of the victim. It is not harmless, and can have lethal effects. It has led to accidental shootings of innocent people.


Fortunately, according to newsreports, Hogg and his family were in Washington DC during the incident.


As yet, no one knows who placed the swatting call, but the general betting is that the prankster was not a fan of gun control. As such, the incident is more than a simple practical joke. It was, rather, a deliberate attempt to bring armed police to a suburban home in a way that might result in Hogg or a member of his family being injured or killed.


Or, to put it all another way, it looks very much as though someone wished to use the police as a remote controlled weapon in an attempted murder.