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Dan Rather Speaks About Parkland

Readers will recall that Dan Rather, one of the last of the old time newsmen, is now over at The Young Turks. It’s kind of a surprise, but amazingly enough it seems to work pretty well.

And one of this week’s episodes of Dan Rather’s show is particularly compelling. In it, Rather first discusses the Russian plot to put Trump in the White House, with the GOP giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Then, Rather talks about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and about the Right’s attack on the survivors for protesting the failure of the government to address gun control issues. He praises the young people who are walking out of their schools and going to state capitols to call for a reassessment of the nation’s love affair with guns.

Lastly, he does something very interesting indeed. He says, in effect, don’t worry about the NRA. It is just there as a “lightning rod,” to draw the fury of the nation away from the people who are genuinely behind the unrestricted sale of weapons in America—that is the owners and managers of gun companies.

It is those people, he says, who are the real danger, and who must be opposed.

Definitely give Mr. Rather a watch.

Photo credit: Senior Airman Kat Lynn Justen (U.S. armed forces) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons