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How the Dalai Lama Can Free Tibet Without a Firing a Shot

By Marc Keyser, author of The Resistance. Blog

Open Letter to His Holiness the Dalai Lama…

Tibet is a beautiful country, a land of majestic mountains, myths, legends and Buddhism overshadowed by China’s dark, brutal occupation. Tibetans face arrest, imprisonment, and torture if they dare to fly the Tibetan flag, if they try to send an email outside of Tibet, or if they say the words “human rights.”

One of the few ways of protesting left to Tibetans is self-immolation. Tsekho Tukchak, a Tibetan man in his early 40’s with a wife and two daughters set himself on fire today (Wednesday 7 March 2018) in protest against China’s repressive rule in Tibet. Just before he died in the flames, Tsekho called out, ‘Long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama and freedom for Tibet.”

China invaded Tibet in 1950 and killed a million people in a one of the largest land grabs in history; however, no matter how oppressive China’s rule becomes, Tibetans have not stopped believing Tibet is an independent nation, nor have they abandoned their longing for freedom. After more than 68 years of occupation, Tibetans still resist China’s cruel and brutal oppression as much as they can. Some protesters are so desperate they chose self-immolation rather than submitting to the oppression of Beijing.

Instead of preserving Tibet’s historic monasteries, China is bulldozing the ancient monistries to the ground. They are commandeering Tibet’s natural resources and impoverishing the native people. The government of China has banned Dalai Lama images, and they are jailing thousands of monks and civilians who dare to question their authoritarian rule.

Only in a war-torn country like Syria do people have fewer civil rights and political freedoms than the people of Tibet. China’s iron grip on Tibet is modern-day form of genocide. The Tibetan culture is being systematically erased, the people subjugated and impoverished, and human rights destroyed.

President Xi Jinping is about to endow himself with the power to rule for life. This is likely to make the horrible oppression in Tibet worse.

Thanks to modern telecommunications technology… there is an opportunity to change the balance of power

There 7.5+ billion inhabitants on the planet, and there are more mobile phones than people. There are 2+ billion people with smartphones and that number is growing. This new telecommunication technology can be inverted and turned against the power and might of Red China in a way no one imagined. For example, Smartphones can be weaponized and used in a massive denial of service attack on the Bank of China.

A Mass Phone Protest against Bank of China is simple. People who live outside of China are free to join in calling the Bank of China to put business at the bank on hold..

The way for the Dalai Lama to free Tibet is with a Mass Phone Protest against Bank of China.

His Highness the Dalai Lama has millions of followers and millions more supporters around the globe who will be happy to call to freely call Bank of China to free Tibet. On Twitter alone, the Dalai Lama has 18M followers.

If the Dalai Lama holds a press conference and calls for a campaign of Compassion Calls to shut down Bank of China, millions of followers and supporters around the world will respond. We can all call Bank of China peacefully to pray for them. Can you imagine the havoc millions of Compassionate calls coming in daily will unleash on business at the bank?

During the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, student demonstrators put thousands of protesters in the streets. They ca easily put millions of protesters on the phones in Hong Kong… where it’s safe to protest without police violence. No tanks to run over people, no guns to shoot people, no dogs, no high-pressure water hoses, no tear gas, no bloody beatings, no tear gas. People protesting by phone are free to Call and Complain and drive Bank of China to distraction and the brink of destruction.

We can Free Tibet and secure democracy for Hong Kong with the same phone calls.

The day the Dalai Lama publicly calls for Prayer Vigil on the phones, His Holiness will raise up an army of compassionate callers from around the globe to descend upon Bank of China like swarm of locus. Can you imagine what the phone blockade would cost the bank and the holy terror it would unleash on Beijing?

Calling together from outside of China, we can peacefully, non-violently, jam the phones, and disrupt business at Bank of China until it crashes their stock and starts a run on the bank that spreads to mainland China among 1.37 billion people who are attached to their money.

With the Mass Phone Protest, we can force Beijing to free Tibet and give Hong Kong Democracy… or President Xi Jinping can lose Bank of China, suffer an international economic meltdown.

The news media in the US, Canada, UK, Taiwan, etc. will report the news of the Phone Protest at the branches of the Bank of China in their countries against Communist China’s brutal occupation of Tibet and the repression of human rights in Hong Kong, and it will go viral.

On Facebook, Twitter as the movement builds, it feeds on itself, it mutates, it multiplies, it spreads, it goes viral attracting activists from all around the global to join in calling to strike a blow for human rights and self-determination.

But the most important and damaging source of news are stock market reports.

Stockholders will be among the first to react to the financial news that the Dalai Lama has called upon the world to join a Mass Phone Protest against the Bank of China. It will terrify them. Investors motivated by greed and self-interest will realize that it’s merely a matter of time until the wave of millions of callers grows large enough to wipe out the Bank of China… and they could lose everything.

Stockholders will see the tsunami wave coming, and it will strike fear in their heats. They will be driven by self-preservation. They will panic. They will want out. They will start dumping their stock to save themselves and they will crash Bank of China’s stock.

Stock market news cannot be censored by any government. It’s instantaneous, and it is universal. As stock in the Bank of China begins to fall in response to the Mass Phone Protest, it will strike fear in the heats of investors. It is only a matter of time until the selloff crashes Bank of China’s stock, which will trigger a run on the bank.

Depositors with money in the bank will panic not just in cities in countries outside of China, but in mainland China, among the better part of a 1.375 billion people. Depositors will want their money back in cash… only the cash is not in the bank when everyone wants it at the same time, and there’s no room in the great cities of China for a run on the bank in rush hour traffic.

China can spend massive amounts of money to prop up the bank; they can suspend the trading of Bank of China’s stock; and they can freeze consumer bank accounts… However, their efforts to “save the bank” will have catastrophic consequences. Beijing’s attempts to save the bank will only fuel the fires of mass panic and feed the run on the bank around the globe and in mainland China.

In order to win the war, we must change the rules of engagement

His Highness the Dalai Lama must know that his supporters around the world are in position to freely call the bank, jam the phones, throw their business into chaos until there’s an international run on that will spread to mainland China. Attacking Bank of China by the phone, we can decimate China… not militarily but economically.

People outside China are not going to be arrested for calling Bank of China. Any attempt by Beijing to threaten callers in other countries would make the news, which would have severe repercussions for the Bank of China. It would attract an astronomical number of protesters to the phones. The surest way to have millions of people calling to cripple Bank of China is to have China tell People outside of China not to call because it would cripple the Bank of China.

Shut Down Bank of China to Force China to Free Tibet and give Hong Kong Democracy

  1. Take your money out of Bank of China. Or call and tell them you won’t put your money in

         the Bank of China… because the bank is not safe as long as millions of people are calling.

    2. Demonstrate in front of the nearest bank branch and disrupt business as usual.

  2. Call the nearest bank continuously. Mob their phones with millions of compassionate

         calls and endless prayers from around the globe and cripple their business.

    4. Flood their websites with inquiries and crash their servers.

    5.     Social network, spread the word globally.

    6.     When thousands of people outside of China start calling, it will go viral, and we will be

         joined by millions of people inside China. The denial of service attack on the banks inside

         China among 1.375 billion people who are attached to their money, will be catastrophic for

         President Xi Jinping. Not only does the Bank of China not have the cash to cover a run on the

         bank, the government cannot print enough money to cover a run on the bank.

  3. Beijing cannot stop people in the US, UK, France, Germany, Taiwan, India, etc. from calling

         Bank of China much less answer the phones for the bank.

  4. The Phone Protest start outside of China, but it will quickly spread from Hong Kong and

         Taiwan to mainland China.

  5. What will President Xi Jinping do when the better part of 1.375 billion people in China want

         their money out of Bank of China?

    10.Calling in solidarity with peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation, we can force President Xi

           to free Tibet, give Hong Kong democracy, stop threatening Taiwan, and make democratic

           reforms in China… if he wants to prevent a massive run on the banks, avoid an international

           economic meltdown, and the collapse of his regime.

P.S. My dear friend, you and I are not getting any younger, if you want to die a free man in a free Tibet, you must act now. Now is the time for His Holiness the Dalai Lama to call for a Mass Phone Protests against the Bank of China to give Beijing a choice: Free Tibet and give Hong Kong autonomy… or face a run on the Bank of China that spreads to mainland China and suffer an international economic meltdown.

Marc Keyser