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Cybersecurity For 2019

As we enter new year, we all should consider our cybersecurity. Our computers and our links to the web are increasingly vital to our lives. But in an age of Russian Trolls and Republican Hackers, it is good idea to review your security precautions at least once each 12 months.

To that end, there is a very useful article over on the PRI website,  Clean up your cyber-hygiene — 6 changes to make in the new year by Elissa Redmiles. She offers a number of useful measures that we should all take as very good advice. For example, says Redmiles, we should pay a lot more attention to passwords, and turn on two-factor authentication.

We will also throw in couple of suggestions ourselves. Specially, if you can, make use of a VPN. The Opera browser comes with its own, somewhat basic VPN, but at least it is free. When we browse in somewhat more dangerous waters, we also use the NordVPN, which offers quite a lot of security.

And when we want really tight security, we use the Tor browser, which provides probably the best security you can get at the moment. And, in its more recent versions, is relatively fast and easy.

So, in the words of the old police drama, let’s be careful out there.