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Cutting Off The Alt-Right’s Lifeline

Fascinating article over in Vice this week. David Neiwert, in The Alt-Right Media Bubble Is in Trouble, notes that Internet giants, like Youtube, are starting to take action against the hate-mongers who make up the Alt-Right, and who did so much to put Trump in the White House. This could, in the long run, cut them off from their life-support system.

In particular, he notes, “The media infrastructure that helped the alt-right make its initial reach into the mainstream of American politics is undergoing a dramatic shakeup that will profoundly affect—and probably dent—its ability to recruit and organize. The question is whether, as its leaders fear, a private-sector clampdown will actually threaten its very existence.”

It very well may. Neiwert says that Youtube, Twitter,, and a number of other social media and publishing platforms have banned the more obnoxious members of the Alt-Right, and more could follow.

Let’s hope, then, that without access to the media which made it possible, the Alt-Right will slowly perish, garroted by public indifference.