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Cruz is right about Space Pirates…sorta

Back in May, Ted Cruz got himself in serious trouble by defending Trump’s proposed “Space Force” on the grounds that it might be needed to deal with Space Pirates.

Lots of people chortled about that. But, let’s confess, he had a point. We are moving rapidly towards the commercialization of space — at least the very nearest parts of it — and there is already a grim possibility that criminals or other non-state actors could take advantage of the new frontier. It might not come in the form of space ships boarded and looted, and afterwards forcing unfortunate astronauts walk the plank over Pluto, but, still…space criminals could do real damage. Think of a multi-billion dollar communications satellite held hostage by some future version of Al Capone.

But, if Cruz is right about the dangers of Space Pirates, he also proves himself wrong. His ideology is heavily influenced by Libertarianism, which teaches that the State is of very little value. In fact, in the world of Ayn Rand, we’d be better off without it.

In space, there is no government as yet. It is, as yet, as close to Libertarian lawlessness as you can get.

And, yet, here’s Cruz, calling for an extension of state power — a space police — into the heart of the void.

In short, once again, we have a case of the Libertarian who is all in favor of anarchy…

Until he needs Big Brother to back him up.