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Common Ground – The Starting Place

In order to progress and overcome the current trend and forward motion of our government and thereby, our country, we have to learn how to relay the value system of Progressives. There are extremes on both sides. It is our job to find common ground, to rediscover the base of American belief and remind the people. It is our job to show them how the conservative extreme is twisting the basic values that have built this country.

It does little good to go to combat with those seeking to brainwash others into voting against their own best interest. We must instead trigger the values that lay within most of us. Almost everyone has both progressive and conservative value systems within. Some more actively lean one way or the other depending on the subject, God, family, country. The extremes of both sides have at times worked against the people. It’s time for the people to become active. To engage in conversations that trigger and remind people of the things they do actually care about. Take for example the current trend of “tax relief”. Most believe taxes are evil when you consider how government has at times handled the people’s money it’s easy to feel that way. I’ve felt that way at times myself.

Truth is although, taxes are necessary. The “tax relief” for example that the current government wished to shove through along with destroying the ACA would have given great “tax relief” to those making the most money and already 92% of all profit is held by 1/5 of the people, leaving just 8% for the masses. Yet, people would vote for those that would seek to increase that even more? They vote against their own better interest because there is no real dialogue other than the dialogue put out by the conservative extreme. They will color it pretty using words they have no right to. Tax relief for example triggers in the minds of people a vision of having more money, of paying very little tax if any. Truth is, the majority of that so called relief will not be in the pockets of the worker, it will instead be in the pockets of the corporations, the shareholders and the stakeholders. With those profits they will double, triple and so forth, their profits by reinvesting them and the cycle starts all over again. At some point as more technology comes along and it will, there is need for even less workers or less skilled workers and then where will they be? Worker=Profit Maker. Bet you will not ever hear the conservative extreme speaking in that way. It benefits them for the people to conveniently forget that corporations and business does not make huge profit without the worker.

They have taken great pains to use some of that “profit” to build networks of communication, think tanks, newspapers, magazines, television, in order to feed the people propaganda and twist the moral backbone of America into believing that they wish to act in the nation’s best interest. Truth is, the extremist with to act in their own best interest. Take for example this “tax relief”. Don’t for a second believe they have the people’s best interest at heart and don’t’ for a second think they will not try to make them believe they do. They toss out their propaganda in pretty little packages using works that trigger belief systems all the while their real intent and motivation is self-serving. What happens after this “tax relief” where the richest and the corporations land with more profit? Do you think Workers=Profit Makers pay goes up, their benefits go up? Of course not. It’s the same with their shouting about smaller government. Have you stopped to consider what “smaller government” means to them? What it means to the extremist is “Less Public”. Less health care, less education, less medical research, less care for the children, less of feeding the hungry, fewer affordable housing options. When there is less of all of that, there is less Opportunity, less Freedom, less Liberty. Because, face of the matter is, Private depends on Public.

The argument should not be whether or not there should be any Private funded by tax dollars, the argument should be holding government accountable for how they spend our tax dollars. The argument should not be whether we believe if humans in this great country of ours, deserve good healthcare, good insurance. It should be about holding the big money accountable for their profit margins, about holding government accountable.

The United States was founded on the principles of opportunity for all, freedom for all and there can be no freedom if there is no opportunity. Take that road you drive on every day. That was paid for by taxpayer money. Take the internet we all use every day. Did you truly believe your tax dollars have not gone into that? What happens when you need help in an emergency? That fire dept., the police station, the 911 number you call. Did you think tax dollars didn’t cover that? What about the public education that most all of us have received. Who do you think paid for that? What happens when there are no funds left after we allow them to give the richest amongst us “tax relief”
These things should be our talking points, the values of this country. We must reach in and counter the negative being tossed out every day that is brainwashing our society and we must put truth out there. In order to do that, you must study what you do not know, what you do not understand and you must learn to counter their rhetoric with sound principles and you must learn to do it in such a way that you earn respect and where you are not seen as extremist because that’s how they paint you and that’s how they want others to see you. If you want to change the tide, you have to open the eyes and find common ground.