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Cohen Bares All

In what can only be called an astonishing exhibition, former Trump fixer Michael Cohen revealed that his former boss was everything we feared–a con artist, a racist, a sexist, and a pig. And, more, Cohen did this in front of a live audience of millions of fascinated Americans. Millions more will read or see reports of the incident tonight.

Clearly, no matter what happens now, today has been historic. This is the day when the sheer crudity of the Trump administration has been proved beyond dispute…though, alas, his supporters will doubtlessly find ways of disbelieving the obvious. Even before he testified, Trump’s operatives (American and Russian) began a sophisticated smear-campaign against Cohen. And, of course, no one doubts that Cohen has been a sleazy operator, but that proves rather than disproves his story. A clean president would not need or want a dirty operative.

What happens now? Alas, we don’t know. In any normal times, with a normal government, impeachment proceedings would have begun by this afternoon. But these are not normal times. This is not a normal government. This is an age when one of the two great parties which have traditionally made up our political system, the GOP, has sold its soul and its dignity to obscenely wealthy oligarchs, American and foreign. It is an age in which that party, now a criminal enterprise, will do nothing but follow orders…and those orders are that they are to do nothing,  to sit on their hands, sabotage any effort to limit (however minutely!) the activities of the rich and powerful, and never question of the wisdom of the Great God Trump, who is himself actually only a puppet of other men.

But even so, you have to think that this day is different. The stone has been lifted, and the whole world has seen the slimy things wiggling below it.

It may be that future scholars will look back on this day and say, Yes, this is when it began. This is when the American people finally had had enough. This is the moment when all but the most fanatical, or the most corrupt, or the most treasonous among us looked up and decided This Man Must Go.

This is not to say that he will go easily, or even very soon. Alas, the fanatical, the corrupt, and the treasonous remain plentiful and powerful. They put Trump in the White House, and they will do everything they can to keep him there.

But the rest of us…?

We have now the power of certainty…of knowing that Trump is everything we thought he was.

So we can act accordingly, and without a trace of doubt.