Code Orange On The Roaring Teens - Liberal Resistance

Code Orange On The Roaring Teens

By Chris Madsen

It seems like all the dominos have been set.  Let’s just hope no one in the world has a hiccup ever, ever again.

I’m pretty sure Putin picked Trump because he knew if anyone could run an entire organization/country into the ground it would be Trump (he has experience).

 The Trump Tax cuts have pushed the equity markets even higher. While that may seem wonderful to the short-sighted, we must all remember that the market is usually highest before a crash.

At some point China will have a major debt crisis.  Italy will have a major debt crisis many times larger than Greece’s debt crisis, as well.  China has built entire cities that it isn’t even using.  Maybe they are planning that for their growth after their markets crash and they will have difficulty borrowing for anything.

Russia’s economy would be hit hard by falling oil prices due to less overall worldwide demand.  I can’t help wonder if Putin is waiting for this one last major distraction to make a move.   It’s clear Trumps instructions are to either to take no action or do something that will create even more chaos or cause more harm.  I’m just thinking anyone that hasn’t already been distracted by the 5 alarm dumpster fire/overall shit show that is the Trump administration will probably be distracted by what happens as equity markets fall and debt crises begin.

Most of the people in the roaring twenties never saw a crash coming either.  They were too busy celebrating that they were rich on paper.  One can only hope that world leaders already have a defense plan in place for when markets do fall. Putin may be waiting for that exact weak moment because some countries and areas will be the weakest and most distracted at that point.  Not to mention their leaders will be incredibly busy and overwhelmed.

As a side note anyone that wants to vote for a Russian to run Interpol needs to pull their head out of their ass.  I’m all about equal opportunity, but come on – you can’t really be serious about this one? Asking a Russian to run Interpol is like asking Bill Cosby to look after your drink.

Hasn’t Putin’s Brexit and Putin’s Trump administration already been enough?  Let’s just hand over the information, passwords, and keys to Putin right now and save someone the effort of actually having to copy and send them to Putin.