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Coal Funded Climate Denialism

Fascinating article over on the Intercept’s web site. In A Major Coal Company Went Bust. Its Bankruptcy Filing Shows That It Was Funding Climate Change Denialism, Lee Fang writes that a recent bankruptcy has proven what we all already knew, that Big Coal has been paying for disinformation about climate change. It seems that “Cloud Peak Energy, a Wyoming-based coal mining corporation ” went belly-up as coal prices dropped. But, of course, when it filed for protection from its creditors, it had to make public a good many documents that revealed the company’s inner workings.

And, guess what? Those documents showed that Cloud Peak was busily passing bucks to people who said that climate was a hoax. Writes Fang, “The documents in the court docket show that the coal giant gave contributions to leading think tanks that have attacked the link between the burning of fossil fuels and climate change, as well as to several conservative advocacy groups that have attempted to undermine policies intended to shift the economy toward renewable energy. “

But no matter how much money the company gave to such groups, it couldn’t alter the fact that climate change really is happening, and that renewable energy sources are getting way cheaper than coal. So, reality caught up with them.

Now, if only we can convince the GOP, maybe reality…as in ice caps melting…won’t catch up with us all.