Climate Strike: March 15
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Climate Strike: March 15

Kids are going out on strike to save the planet. The least we can do is call the biggest bank in each country and crash their phones and disrupt business to convince banks to cut off funding for giant coal and oil polluters.

Virtual News2 with host and commentator, Marc Keyser

Greta Thunberg is leading the strike to fight climate change the way kids from Parkland, Florida are fighting for gun control. Only she’s aiming to do it on a global scale on March 15. Greta is asking other students around the world to join a school strike to demand real solutions to the global warming crisis.

Young people who survived the Parkland shooting called First National Bank of Omaha to force the bank to cancel National Rifle Association (NRA) credit cards. In under 10 days with only 4,000 calls a day, the bank caved and dropped NRA credit cards.

Calling in solidarity to crash the phones and cost the banks a lot of cash can easily convince them to cut off financing for big polluting industries… this is the way of the future.

The strike is worth cutting class for; but if people everywhere want to join in and support the demand for governments to address the Climate Change Crisis, they can simply call the biggest bank in their country.

The Nation calls Greta Thunberg the “international climate-change counterpart” to New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who introduced the Green New Deal resolution in Congress.

Greta is a “charismatic young woman whose social-media savvy, moral clarity, and undaunted truth-telling have inspired throngs of admirers to take to the streets for a better world and call out the politicians, propagandists, and CEOs who are standing in the way.”

Alexandria Villasenor, a 13-year-old seventh-grader from New York City, is working with Greta to make sure U.S. students will have an impact.  She has been taking her climate action fight to the United Nations headquarters every Friday, the same way her counterparts across the globe go on a climate strike each week.

Villasenor was inspired by Thunberg’s speech to the U.N. Climate Conference, in which Thunberg said, “You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes. … You are not mature enough to tell it like it is. Even that burden you leave to us children.”

“We’re not going to let them hand us down a broken planet.”

The best way to get adults in power to pay attention is the school strike and a Phone-In against the big banks in every country. Call en mass, crash their phones and cost them money to force them to stop financing coal and oil industries… big polluters.

Thunberg, Villasenor, and others like them across the globe aren’t messing around. Just as Thunberg was inspired by the student survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school and Villasenor was in turn inspired by Thunberg, they feed off each other’s energy and serve as inspirations to others to get involved. As the Post story said:
You haven’t seen anything yet.” There is a new and more powerful way for people to protest by phone… because everyone everywhere has one.

On March 15, tens of thousands of high-school and middle-school students in more than 30 countries plan to skip school to demand that politicians address the treat the global climate crisis. We can all lend our support. We call together to shut down the big banks until they commit to Saving the Planet from global warming, rising sea levels, and weather extremes that are devastating earth by not financing the big coal and oil industries doing the polluting.

We need to change the rules of protest.

It’s easy to make a difference when people in America, UK, Canada, Sweden, and cities around the globe get on their phones and start calling big banks like crazy. A small act of resistance by phone makes a big difference when thousands, millions of people around the globe join in calling the big bank in their country.

Calling big banks and crashing their phones is how to talk to rich people so they have to listen. In America, we flood Bank of America with calls. We take away their phone privileges and cost them a bloody fortune until they do the right thing. Stop financing the polluting industries causing Climate Change making earth uninhabitable for humans.

When too many protesters call Bank of America, it disrupts business and people with money in the bank get nervous and want their money back to be safe. It’s called “a run on the bank”. People with stock in Bank of America will panic and start selling, which will “crash” the bank’s stock. Bank of America could go bankrupt; and Bank of America does not want that so they will stop financing the big polluters. And Republicans in Congress don’t want to lose Bank of America and have a meltdown on Wall Street. No, they do not. So they will want to pass the Green New Deal right away.

In US, call Bank of America

In Sweden, call Nordea Bank AB

In Germany, call Douche Bank

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, call Bank of China
In Canada, call Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
In the UK, call Bank of England. …

Everyone everywhere can protest by phone to stop big banks in every country from financing these gigantic polluting industries -starting with coal and oil- that are destroying our planet. Just call constantly and use social media to activate a billion or two people to call and Save the Planet.

Call and tell the big banks: 
We’re calling by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions to crash your phones and disrupt your business to let you know that political change is coming; and, whether you like it or not, the real power belongs to The People because we have smartphones, and social media, and we have your number.

Marc Keyser is a writer and activist who has pioneered the use of the cellphone as an instrument of mass protest. The opinions expressed here are his own.

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