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Christian Winners

William B. Turner

The three big Christian winners on Twitter today are Laura Ingraham, Ted Nugent, and the ever popular Rick Santorum. You Christians have so much to be proud of.

The Laura Ingraham saga continues unabated. She shoved her pump down her throat earlier this week when she uttered a tweet sniping at Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg, who made the rookie mistake of lamenting in public that four of the universities he had applied to had rejected him. Any compassionate adult would have offered sympathy and encouragement to any disappointed high school student in that situation, but especially to one who recently survived a shooting.

Not good Christian, Laura Ingraham. Being a good “conservative,” who must defend the absurdly absolutist interpretation of the Second Amendment as propounded by the high priests of “conservatism” at the NRA, she saw a golden opportunity to get in a dig at a young man who has recently and unexpectedly become one of the new faces of gun control advocacy in the United States.

The backlash has been predictable and swift. Just as any thinking person found grotesque and indefensible leading “conservative” provocateur Rush Limbaugh’s calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” during the debate about requiring coverage of contraceptives in health insurance plans, so sensible people all over the republic were horrified at Ingraham’s petty, mean-spirited attack on a high school student. The list of advertisers who have abandoned her show is growing by the day. Ingraham has announced that she will take a week of vacation, which she claims to have planned before she created a firestorm.

She has issued a half-hearted apology, “in the spirit of Holy Week,” because she knows there is no better way to hide one’s mistakes and obfuscate in the United States than to hide behind one’s Christian faith. That the tweet that started the whole fight is still up on Twitter makes her apology ring quite hollow.


She’s a Christian winner.

Because the official, public position of prominent, politically involved Christians in the United States towards any form of gun control is bloody minded opposition, and because he is a leading figure in the bloody minded opposition to gun control movement, Ted Nugent had to chime in about the recent visibility of high school students from Florida advocating gun control after one of their number killed a several of his fellow students.

The Drudge Report (!) offered a story about how Ted watched video of the students from Parkland, the town in Florida where the school shooting occurred. Everyone’s favorite 1970s rock’n’roll has been was unsparing in his criticism of the students, calling them “pathetic” and “liars.” Worst of all, according to Ted, “they have no souls,” and their policy position is “soulless.”

He’s a Christian winner.

Then everyone’s favorite Christian “conservative” former Senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum, offered the oh so helpful suggestion that Parkland students, instead of protesting, should “learn CPR,” which elicited any number of interesting ripostes, including at least one surgeon who explained that gun shot victims are often well beyond CPR stage when they get to the emergency room.

He’s a Christian winner.

It speaks volumes about the significance of Christianity in the United States that persons such as Ingraham and Nugent can so readily invoke it on their behalf. There are undoubtedly plenty of good Christian liberals/progressives out there who disagree completely with these two, but their religious beliefs will not be much use in the political debate, which they should not be, since our Constitution prohibits any official religion.

However, it seems clear that many good Christians would also like to offer their religious beliefs as a source of moral guidance, not only for themselves, but for all humans.

But when the public faces of Christian belief are the likes of Laura Ingraham, Ted Nugent, and Rick Santorum, it becomes very difficult to make that claim. When one notices that the vast majority of the Europeans who killed off millions of Natives and Africans in the process of colonizing “the Americas,” with disease, enslavement, and outright murder were also good Christians, it becomes even harder.

Happily, because we have no official religion in the United States – Christianity’s best feature is the fact that it spawned its own dissipation even at the moment that it was busy spreading itself around the globe by violence – we’re all free to seek moral guidance from some more reliable source. Good thing.