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Chomsky: It’s the Corporations, Stupid

There is a fascinating article over at the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s web publication, In it, Lynn Parramore interviews the remarkable Noam Chomsky, linguist, scientist, and activist. Among the many things that Professor Chomsky says is that the real villain in the 2016 election may not have been so much Russia as the capitalist system and the corporations which are so eager to shape the society in their own twisted image.

In particular, he says, “There really is manipulation of elections, but it’s not coming from the Russians. It’s coming from the people who buy the elections… That’s massive manipulation. Compared with that, what the Russians might be doing is minuscule.”

And, he adds, the corporate-dominated Republican party is, right now, the most deadly entity on earth. Parramore quotes him as saying, “There’s been nothing like this in history. It’s kind of an outrageous statement, but it happens to be true, that the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history. Nobody, not even the Nazis, was dedicated to destroying the possibility of organized human life.”

And, of course, the scary thing is that he is almost certainly right.

Give this interview a read, but don’t expect to come away happy about it.