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China Says It Will Hit Back

Coming under the No, Not Really file…

Donald Trump announced stiff tariffs on China. Then, surprise, surprise, surprise (who would have thought it?), China has retaliated. Writing in Politico, Megan Cassella reports that China to slap tariffs on 128 U.S. goods. In particular, she notes, “China will impose a 15 percent tariff increase on goods including American fruit and nuts and add a 25 percent tariff on pork, recycled aluminum and other goods…”

In short, oh, Goodie. So much winning.

Casella goes on to say that American farmers may be the first “casualties” in any trade war. “The U.S. shipped more than $1 billion of pork products to China last year,” she says, “making it the No. 3 destination for exports after Japan and Mexico. The U.S. was China’s top supplier of apples, cherries, walnuts and almonds.”

But not to worry. With all the immigrant labor now out of the picture, there wouldn’t be any one around to pick those apples, cherries, etc. anyway.