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Change “Union Opt Out”

Over approximately the last 40 years the labor unions of The United States have lost much of their strength due to American corporations doing everything they can to pressure workers not to join a union. Many even hand out anti-union propaganda pamphlets or make people watch anti-union propaganda videos at employee orientations. They do their best to use fear and to scare people out of joining or forming a union. The reason the corporations have done this is because they know there is strength in numbers and busting unions is just another form of one of the old strategy of divide and conquer.  

Right now people have to fight for the right to even be able to form a union.  Many employees private and governmental are threatened if they show any interest in forming a new union.  If we were to be a truly liberal and progressive nation wouldn't we automatically grant people the right to be part of an employee labor union and make them opt out or sign away that right, if they so choose?  People are usually more leery of signing away a right than missing out on a right.  Everyone also needs know that they are only temporarily signing away that right and they always retain the right to opt back in to a union membership.  We should be looking at things through the paradigm that the right to be represented through collective bargaining is an inalienable right for any individual.   
Don't thank me for writing this liberal and progressive article please thank the constantly law breaking tourist helicopter pilots out of Hilo Airport for showing me just how fucking greedy American corporations can be.  They and the FAA which charges a fee every time one of these illegal flights takes off only to fly low and directly over my head on my own land miles away from the airport.  They harass me and many other people and have shown me exactly why evil American corporations and the current fascist American government needs heavy controls to make sure they are doing what they are required to do by law and not for example allowing illegal flights simply because it generates more revenues for themselves.  I'm just saying we shouldn't have to live in a country where the ONLY WAY to get laws enforced and to get some peace and quiet out in the country involves writing the FAA and telling her, "Bitch do your fucking job!".  That is the ONLY thing that seems to work and unfortunately it only works temporarily.