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CEOs: We Ain’t Spending Our Money On Your Jobs

Coming under the heading of “We’re shocked! Shocked!”

Writing in Salon, Matthew Sheffield has a new and fascinating article entitled “CEOs admit they won’t create jobs with their tax cut money.” It seems that the heads of major corporations have revealed in interviews and conferences that when those obscenely huge tax cuts come their way, they are not…repeat not…going to take their newfound pennies and invest ‘em in more jobs for us poor hoi polloi.

Nope. They’re gonna take those new profits and put them in their own little piggy banks. Okay, they’ll also let a few of the gains head off to their stockholders, but since many of them are stockholders in the companies they manage…

Well, let’s just say that one of the main justifications for the Trumpian budget is…surprise, surprise, surprise…pure, unadulterated phoo-hickey.

Gosh. We’re so startled. Who would have thought it?

Why, next thing you know we’ll learn that Al Capone wasn’t a church-going, hard working, good hearted, standup guy and a leading member of the Temperance Union.

We mean…golly.