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Caitlyn Jenner is Dumb as a Post

William B. Turner

Listening to the political opinions of celebrities is a pernicious practice that should end in the United States. I don’t care that Cher picked the presidential candidate I also want to win. I made my decision on the basis of my own knowledge and beliefs and I do not need validation of my choice from anyone who is famous for no good reason.

Donald Trump was famous for no good reason before becoming president. His unearned celebrity was an important factor in allowing him to run for and win the presidency. The results are disastrous. Some people become famous for accomplishing worthy feats. Like them or hate them, anyone who becomes president in the United States has to get famous to win the office. But there is a vast difference between being famous for having run successfully for president, and running for president because one is already famous, potentially for a very bad reason. Who cares about “reality TV,” the name of which puts the moron in oxymoron.

The Donald is a lousy president, which any fool could have predicted long before he even announced. He has done nothing in his misbegotten life that would make anyone think he could be a good president.

I don’t think the U.S. will elect its first transgender president in my lifetime, so we don’t need to worry about Caitlyn Jenner winning the office, but she does have in common with the Donald that both are celebrities for no good reason and dumb as posts. Okay, Jenner actually did accomplish something noteworthy early in her life, before her transition. As a man, she was an Olympic athlete. But that was long ago, and being an Olympic athlete is pretty meaningless in the realm of national politics and policy. Presidents do not usually gain much reknown for their athletic pursuits, although Gerald Ford did play football in high school and college.

As I often say about Caitlyn, you can take the jock out of the dumb, but you can’t take the dumb out of the jock.

Remember in 2016 when Caitlyn offered to be the trans ambassador to Ted Cruz, back when we thought Cruz had a chance of winning? Caitlyn announced while Obama was president that she is a Republican, which proves her stupidity in matters of politics all by itself. In U.S. history, even though the categories were never really that neat to begin with, we started with “gay rights,” then expanded to “lesbian and gay rights,” and only after far too much struggle and argument, arrived at “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights.” Lesbians and gay men should have welcomed transgender persons as allies and participants in their movement immediately and automatically. It’s a good thing that the debate that should never have happened is well over with.

Hint: Republicans are still not happy with “gay rights,” much less “transgender rights.”

Caitlyn is free to align herself with whatever Party she chooses, but if she is going to identify with the major Party that does not like her or support her right to equal rights and equal treatment, she really should just shut up about it, especially when she delivers her stupid opinions more to keep her name in the press than to help anyone else.

So now she has delivered the shocking message that the Donald has been a disaster for transgender persons. Thank you, Captain Obvious. The rest of the U.S. figured that out months ago, when he tried to reinstate the ban on transgender soldiers soon after he took office. We did not need a publicity whore to tell us that.

Hint, II: Ted Cruz would not have been any better. He was even more overtly Christian than is the Donald and he knows something about how to govern.

Please, Caitlyn, just shut up. And everyone else, the next time you hear the political opinions of some celebrity – Cher, or Richard Gere, or any other – just ignore them assiduously.