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Active Measures – Revisited

Editor’s Note: this excellent piece ran on Thursday of last week. Unfortunately, it was soon overshadowed by the events in Kurdistan. Therefore, we are running it again today so that readers will have a chance to see it.   Are you a reader who has been perplexed about His Orangeness’ dealings with Russia? There is…

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Tangerine Mafia Productions Presents…

Tangerine Mafia Productions is proud to present: Rudy Gulianai feat Donald Trump are about to drop a single, hotter than a baked Russian potato, that’s destined to be a #1 chart topper in 2019 and 2020 it’s called “Insane in the Ukraine”. Reviews are already in DJT raves, “It’s GREAT, THE BEST gonna be YUGE!”

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We’re At A Turning Point (thank goodness)

Gina McCarthy, Obama’s EPA chief, thinks we are at a turning point. Interviewed in Scientific America, she says that most Americans are finally ready to address climate change, in spite Trump. The article quotes her as saying, “I do think that we are at a bit of a turning point. I think everybody has different…

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Trump Is Responsible For This

The video here is horrible. Trump has blood on his hands.     View this post on Instagram   Posted @withrepost • @sistahsofine2 This is hard to watch there are subtitles. This mother is holding her dead child. This is what Trump has done he was the first domino to fall. #Repost @kurdishlivesmattertoo ・・・ look…

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Biden: The Corporate Choice

 Video: Tulsi Gabbard is trying to ensure everyone is aware of the undemocratic practices the DNC is following and followed in 2016.  To me it is clear the DNC wants to nominate Biden even if he is less popular with the public than Sanders or Warren.  The large corporate money is behind Joe Biden because…

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How About Italian?

Found on Instagram… Or, if not Italian, there’s the Simmer Down Cafe in Georgetown, Texas.     View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Occupy Democrats (@occupydemocrats) on Aug 27, 2019 at 10:07pm PDT

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