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Flash: Mulvaney Exit?

New Flash: Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s current chief of staff (he’s number three) may be planning an exit in the near future. Bess Levin, writing in Vanity Fair’s Hive, says that he is already “planning his escape.” Increasingly, the question is not who is leaving the Trump Administration, but who will be left.  

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Geriatric Mutant Nazi Turtles: Coming to Theaters Soon!

Mitch McConnell will be staring in an upcoming blockbuster film called, “Geriatric Mutant Nazi Turtles.”  He became a mutant turtle from drinking water after a rogue fascist government dismantled the EPA.  The role of a morbidly obese giant New York City Sewer Rat named “Master Senseless” will be played by none other than President Donald…

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Can Free Enterprise Be Saved?

There’s an interesting article over on the Vox website, Is capitalism worth saving?, in which Sean Illing interviews/debates economist and writer Steven Pearlstein. Pearlstein has just written a new book, Can American Capitalism Survive? in which he argues that while capitalism is very much under stress, it might be saved by quick and vigorous action.…

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GOP: Name Changed to “Game of Psychopaths”

Washington D.C. – Mitch McConnell held a meeting today at our nations capital today with many other Republican lawmakers.  Several reporters in the hallway overheard him discussing, “The American people have been successfully demoralized enough that it is now safe for us to allow some transparency and change our name to ‘Game of Psychopaths’.” Many…

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Subsidiarity versus Sobornost…

  … the Importance of a Political Experiment in the Philippines Dedicated to Eva Ferraren – who symbolizes the courage and social-involvement of today’s Philippines. As the Prophet he is, Mgr. Gudziak has recently defended the democratic principle of subsidiarity (allowing regional and local authorities fence for themselves, to the furthest possible extent). It is,…

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