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Global Warming Killing Reindeer

From The Independent: Hundreds of reindeer starve to death on Arctic islands ‘due to climate change’ “Researchers have never found so many carcasses in Svalbard in 40 years of monitoring animal’s population” And yet the GOP will continue saying it’s a hoax, even as Santa notes who has been very, very naughty.  

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In Texas, More Wind Than Coal

Texas is an oil state, but it’s got a lot of wind as well. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that CNN has just revealed that Wind is outpacing coal as a power source in Texas for the first time The article notes, “Wind has generated 22% of the state’s electrical needs this year. It…

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8chan Is Down…but will it stay down?

As of 5 August, the 8chan site ( was gone from the web. Companies which had provided servers and security to the site declined to continue service, and thus the site was silenced. On the one hand, this is a very good thing. 8chan had hosted posts from virulent white nationalists and had tolerated even…

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Global Warming: The Pavement Can Now Burn You

While the Right continues to claim that global warming isn’t real, the University of Nevada just ran this piece — Study: Sizzling Southwest Summers Can Cause Pavement Burns in Seconds. “When temperatures throughout the sizzling Southwestern U.S. climb to over 100 degrees, the pavement can get hot enough to cause second-degree burns on human skin…

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Pelosi’s Got A Challenger

From Jacobin: Meet Shahid Buttar, Pelosi’s Left-Wing Challenger, by Natascha Elena Uhlmann “Nancy Pelosi is facing a primary challenge from a civil rights lawyer who supports the Green New Deal and Medicare for All. Knocking her off would be a resounding win for the Left.”

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American Jews Arrested For Protesting Concentration Camps

Never thought I’d see the day in America on American soil where Jews would be arrested for protesting concentration camps.  And yet here we are sinking to new lows as the Trump Administration tries and drags us as a nation through their racist and hateful quagmire.   It’s harder to ideologically subvert a group that…

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