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tRump’s Effect On Us

He’s a danger to us all. It’s hard to over-hype how terrified you should be about the free fall of American global credibility right now. The Doral disaster, Ukraine quid pro quo, double cross of the Kurds, the Afghan/Camp David debacle. It’s just one mind-blowing, embarrassing fiasco after another. — Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) October 20,…

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Saved By The Whistle

***Warning**** (formerly Russia Today) is the propaganda outlet for the Russian government).   At the bottom of this page is also a link to Edward Snowden discussing the Espionage Act in his own words on The Joe Rogan Experience video podcast.  Under a president like Bernie Sanders, it would be possible for someone like…

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He’s A Morbid Narcissist

Read this posting from the Hart Centre and tell us we’re not being ruled by a morbid narcissist. What is Narcissism and what is Narcissistic behaviour?

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Our Robot Over-Loads

If, when, and how automation might displace the majority of Americans in the work force continues to be under discussion. Recently, there has been serious debate as to whether it will happen at all…or, at least, any time soon. But…well, check out this video from Boston Dynamics. Kinda think the robot invasion is coming. Maybe…

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Trump’s Throne

This is a month old but very interesting. From Ralph Peters: Trump Scared, Must Stay On The “Throne” To Stay Out Of Prison Folks, I don’t think it gets any more straightforward than this.  Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters doesn’t hold back or mince words.

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Trump Is Bribing Senators

From Trump is committing “felony bribery” by giving fundraising cash to GOP senators ahead of impeachment trial, former Bush ethics lawyer warns. I’m actually somewhat at a loss for words as we descend deeper into this dark rabbit hole.  This insanity needs to end soon.  Trump’s goal is to tear up this nation and…

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