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Topple Putin and Trump

VirtualReality2 Marc Keyser host and author Note: Marc Keyser did not actually interview Bill Palmer for this article. It is, instead, a “virtual interview” in which he extrapolates from Mr. Palmer’s actual statements in the past. My guest today is Bill Palmer. We are discussing his article “Vladimir Putin is losing control” in the September…

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Meme: This Is America

Found on the web…America is a diverse nation. The Democratic debates reflected that. There were whites and Jews and Indians and Latinos. Wake up, Republicans!

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Solving the World Water Crisis

Places like Cape Town, South Africa are running out of water due to inadequate rainfall.  The problem is it won’t just be Cape Town it will be many, many other places over time.  At some point the rain will return to that area and replenish their dam, but how do we solve all these crises…

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Wingnut Tells Yang to Go Back To China

From Newsweek, Right-wing Radio Host Says New York-born Andrew Yang ‘Should Go Back to China’: ‘Why Is He Coming Here to Turn America into the Place That He Left?’ The Right-wing host making these comments is Jesse Lee Peterson, who is apparently unaware that Yang was born in New York state. The only surprise about…

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More Bad News About Brett

As you may have heard, we have had yet another report of a most untoward incident with our dear Supreme Court member, Brett Kavanaugh. This recent piece from the New York Times give a bit of background and says much about how it could have happened:  Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids. She…

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Summer Reflections

I haven’t been writing about politics lately. There is a reason for that. It is because, frankly, I’m having trouble finding inspiration among the hundreds of presidential candidates, the millions of crimes the Orange boss man commits on a regular basis, the lengthy and tragic coverage of the big winds and rains pounding eastern lands,…

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