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Breaking News: Trump Backs Down On Family Separations

Multiple media outlets are saying that Donald Trump has said that families will no longer be broken up at the border and children taken away from their parents. Though exactly what happens instead remains a little difficult to determine.

The change in policy comes after weeks of intense criticism from, seemingly, every pressure group in the country—ranging from Church groups to the CEOs of multinationals. Still, for Trump to back away from his stated position in this matter is somewhat surprising. To do so requires him to admit being wrong—something he hasn’t done well in the past.

It is also uncertain how the change in policy will be seen by his base. While separating children from their parents horrified the majority of Americans, Trump supporters didn’t seem to mind, particularly. Indeed, it seemed to make him look stronger in their eyes.

Which, of course, does not say good things about the mores of the Deplorables.